Thursday, March 22, 2018

Garden Log --- March 22, 2018

I finished Bed #C1 today.  After the Flathead Monster Orange tomatoes and the jalapenos, we have:

  1. Regiment Spinach - Territorial Seed Company
  2. Viroflay Spinach - Pinetree Garden Seeds
  3. Stuttgarter Onions - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  4. Cardinal Swiss ChardPinetree Garden Seeds
  5. Hong Tae Pak Choy - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  6. Extra Dwarf Pak Choy - (saved seeds)
  7. Winter Density Lettuce -
  8. Black Nebula Carrots - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  9. Sweetheart Beets - Seed Savers Exchange
  10. Roxa Beans - FB Garden Group (looks like a lima bean, couldn't find any information on this one online.)

My little Stuttgarter Onions

I finished fertilizing the big banana trees and put new soil in their containers and moved them to their summer spots.  They got a good dose of fish fertilizer.  The same for the Brown Turkey Fig which is now situated in front of the pergola in the potted garden.  I brought out several other plants from the greenhouse, and will be doing the same for them tomorrow. I ran out of steam! ha!

The pecan trees are starting to leaf out...

and my Dad's bearded iris are just beautiful right now. I wish these would flower longer - it seems like we get a big flush of these in early spring and then that's it.  They just don't last long, so I'm enjoying them while I can.

More garden news tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Garden Log --- March 21, 2018

Very slow start to Bed #C1. I got the tomatoes in and two Jalapeno Pepper plants, but that's about all I got done on that side of the garden yesterday.

Bed #C1:
Flathead Monster Orange Tomatoes (2) - FB Garden Group
Jalapeno LaBomba (2) - purchased plants

Then I planted some pole (dry) beans on the Squash House (all of these seeds came from my FB Garden Group):
Side 1:
Good Mother Stallard Beans (34 seeds)
Black Valentine Beans (8 seeds)
Side 2:
Alabama Black Butter Beans (7 seeds)
True Red Cranberry Beans (4 seeds)
Monachelle di Trivio Beans (6 seeds)
Missouri Wonder Beans (6 seeds)

 Some of these bean seeds are just beautiful!

I planted the Thunbergia (mixed colors) plants and some gourds (Swan, Birdhouse, Crown of Thorns, Bule, Dinosaur and some mixed small gourds) and that I started in the greenhouse along the potted garden fence - hopefully they'll all live and cover that fence with greenery! I've had mixed results with gourds, I think there are just some years that are better then others and we humans really have no control of it.) ha!
 The Tangerine Cross Vine is starting to pop!

Taking some of the big plants out of the greenhouse now - the avocado tree really took off during the winter - it's branching out now.  I gave it a good spraying, fertilizer and some new soil and put it back in it's summer spot. It looks happy!

I'll be working on the banana trees this week.  They all seemed to have survived!

St. Patty's Day Fun

We had such a great visit on Saturday with friends and family, and all of our grandkids! Yea!  Mari and John Hoyt brought their two grands, too, so there were kids running everywhere. So much fun!

 Baby chicks, turkies, and a big pile of sand were a big hit!

 They played in the little house and the big green swing -- everyone took a turn!

 Max fed the chickens...

 ...and the turkey!

 Joss with a bunny pop!

 Hi Addie!

 Everyone got an Easter duck! Little stuffed ducks everywhere!

Addie and Joss

KT and Joss!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Garden Log --- March 18, 2018

Friday I took a break from gardening to catch up on other things, mainly a long trip to the grocery store, but on Thursday I finished up Bed B#3:

  1. Green Macereta Cauliflower (9) - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  2. Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage (3) - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  3. Brunswick Cabbage (6) - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  4. Drumhead Cabbage (4) -
  5. Filderkraut Cabbage (1) - Seed Savers Exchange
  6. Chirimen Hakusai Cabbage (2) - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  7. Michihili Cabbage (3) -

I got some fine netting to place over all of these to try to keep the cabbage worms at bay, I hope it works! I'll be spraying with BT, too, just to be sure.

That finishes up Beds A and B, so next week I'll move on to Bed C. 
I took a little time and planted some Fava Beans in one of the big tubs.  I soaked those overnight to give them a head start. Such huge beans.

Why is this picture upside down?

Today I spent time emptying four tomato buckets, cleaning those all up and replanting with some of the tomato plants I started in the greenhouse. Those four are out on the four corners of the squash house. All these seeds I got from a FB Group that I belong to (Heirloom Tomatoes and Vegetables.)

John's been working on the watering system for the garden, hope that will all be in place this week one day, too.

It's finally coming together!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Garden Log --- March 14, 2018

If it appears that all I'm doing lately is gardening, you'd be right!

Bed B#1:

  1. Tomatillo, Yellow - Trade Winds Fruits
  2. Tomatillo, Purple Coban (2) - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  3. Salad Bowl Red Lettuce -
  4. All Year Lettuce -
  5. Black Magic Spinach - Trade Winds Fruits
  6. Erbett Swiss Chard - Bountiful Gardens
  7. Juan de Doubs Carrots - Trade Winds Fruits
  8. Golden Celery -
  9. Scarlet Kale - Bountiful Gardens
  10. Bloomsdale Spinach -
  11. Stocky Golden Roaster Peppers (3) - FB Garden Group

In Bed #B2 so far, I have:
Rote Zahnrad Tomate (2)- FB Garden Group - this is the second of 3 tomato varieties that I'm growing for their inventory.  I can't find this one on an English website, it's all in German.

Next are 6 different sweet pepper plants that I only had one of each grow from seed and survive. I'm just putting these all together and won't try to save any seeds from them.

  1. Lipstick Pepper - FB Garden Group
  2. Topepo Giallo - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  3. Violet Sparkle - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  4. Gypsy (Hybrid) - Totally Tomatoes - this is the 3rd year for my packet of these seeds, so I think I was lucky to get even one plant. My favorite pepper of all time - I'll be buying new seeds for this one next year.
  5. Jimmy Nardello - FB Garden Group
  6. Marconi Red - FB Garden Group

That's as far as I got today in the main garden.  

The cotton plants were planted out today in the big metal trough - they were so happy to get out of those little plant trays!  I ended up with 4 Brownfield White, 4 Green, and 3 Mississippi brown this year! The green cotton plants are the red ones in the picture. Looking forward to seeing this cotton!

 The Tangerine Cross Vine is getting ready to pop!
 One plum on the Santa Rosa plum tree in the orchard. 
Growing in one of my old tomato tubs - get your Irish on! Happy St. Pat's day this weekend!
One little bluebonnet plant growing in the front of the property. We keep trying but don't have a lot of luck growing these from seeds.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Garden Log ---- March 13, 2018

I've finished all of Bed A as of this morning and made a start on Bed B!  Things are moving along, but I'm so sore today! Whew, these muscles haven't been used lately!

In Bed #A3 we have:
Nutri-Red Carrots -
Chiogga Beets -
Lacinato Kale -
Dazzling Blue Kale - Pinetree Garden Seeds
Merlot Lettuce - Bountiful Gardens
Red Kitten Spinach - Johnny's Select Seeds
Mixed Carrots - leftover seeds from several packets
Mayflower Beans - FB Garden Group - said to be from seeds brought over on the Mayflower, history of being maintained in the Carolina's. I got 9 seeds so planted them all for dry beans.
Peppermint Stick Celery - Pinetree Garden Seeds
In Bed #A4:
Silbertanne Tomato (2) - FB Garden Group. These are one of the three tomatoes that I'm growing for the group grow-out.  I'll be saving seeds for this one to send back to the inventory. This is a determinate bush tomato. Looking forward to seeing what it turns out to be - the leaves are very lacy and delicate.
Salad Bowl Green Lettuce -
Romaine Red Lettuce -
Long Green Improved Cucumbers - Pinetree Garden Seeds
Persian Cucumbers - FB Garden Group
Mammoth Dill - Pinetree Garden Seeds
Indian Corriander - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Calico Crowder Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
California Black-Eyed Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Green Black-Eyed Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Lady Finger Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Pidgeon Pea Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Ram's Horn Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Big Red Ripper Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Speckled Purple Hull Cowpeas - FB Garden Group
Zipper Cream Cowpeas - FB Garden Group

I know that seems like a lot of cowpeas, but most of the packages had between 10 - 25 seeds in them, and a few had even less. Some are fairly rare (Ram's horn) and others are common. I'm looking forward to seeing what I get!

Walking through the garden today, it appears that everything is settling in just fine.
 The mammoth dill likes it's new home!
 This purple peacock broccoli looks more like a kale plant, doesn't it?
 The rapini broccoli has little buds on it already - I'll be pinching these off.
 A few of the pak choy are already showing up!
 The licorice basil seems happy in the main garden now too!
 At the very end I put a row of Lemon Queen sunflowers.  It's been a few years since I've grown sunflowers, so I'm happy to have them again. One of my favorite flowers.
 The spring blush peas really do have a pink blush!
 Both of the pomegranate trees have leafed out, but haven't spotted any blooms on them.
And most of the peach trees in the orchard have fruit on them! Spring has sprung!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Garden Log ---- March 10, 2018

I accomplished another bed in the garden on Saturday! Yahoo!  It took me all day and I had to stop and rest a lot in between, but it's done!

In Bed #A2 we have:
  1. Shin Kuroda Carrots - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  2. Cylindra Beets - Seed Savers Exchange
  3. Minutina, Erba Stella - Bountiful Gardens 
  4. Waltham Broccoli (2) -
  5. Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli (2) - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  6. Purple Peacock Broccoli (2) - Pinetree Garden Seeds
  7. Rapini Broccoli (2) -
  8. Calabrese Broccoli (1) -
  9. Old Joe Clark Beans - FB Garden Group (half runner bean from Appalachia area, grown for dry beans)
  10. Pentland Brig Kale - Bountiful Gardens
  11. Rainbow Mix Carrots - Johnny's Select Seeds
  12. Cardinal Swiss Chard - Pinetree Garden Seeds
  13. Voyage Reistomate Tomato - FB Garden Group - would you look at this crazy tomato?!! I'm so excited to see how this one does!
  14. Cream Sausage Tomato - Seed Savers Exchange
  15. Purple Ruffles Basil - Pinetree Garden Seeds
I was going to do the next bed today, but decided to give myself a day of rest - this cough is just not letting up.  I feel much better, but it's lingering. Cough! cough!

I spent part of the day potting up almost everything else that was left in the greenhouse - mostly the sunflowers and a few gourds that are finally sprouted.  Then, since we're expecting two nights of close to freezing, I reorganized and cleaned up the greenhouse some and moved everything else back in just in case. I MAY have overdone it in the tomato department - ha! way too many.  

The fig tree is starting to leaf out! I did pretty well all winter so glad to see it taking off now.

And we've taken one of the banana trees out - this is the Dwarf Orinoco - it's taken a bit of a beating, but once it's cleaned up and I've fertilized it, should be doing fine! There's two more big ones in the greenhouse and two of the tiny ones.  They don't look as good, so I'll have to see how they do.

 I think I have three good tomatillo plants going, which is plenty for us.  They usually way over-produce, so I shouldn't need any more.  I think I have two purple and one yellow that are looking good.
 I have three like this - the base just shriveled up and blew over.  I think they needed TLC and I just didn't see them, so these won't survive. It could be "dampening off" but not seeing that with any other plants, so who knows.
 John got us a huge pile of compost with manure (cow and horse) mixed in it.  I'm in heaven! This is going all over the garden and in every plant.
 The bronze fennel plant is coming back beautifully! All of these herbs will be getting a manure dressing this coming week.
 Out in the front yard the rose plants are starting to bloom - both of these blooms are from the butterfly rose bush,

And I'm keeping a close eye on my dad's iris.  Just finally seeing the blooms shooting up.  Can't wait for these to open! 
More garden news tomorrow!